Speakers Faruk Kilickaya Company Founder As an Economics Degree holder and postgraduate studies in Regional Economics and an accountant,  Mr Kilickaya started his accountancy practice in 2010 as a franchisee. Mr Kilickaya managed not just to  build a successful professional business and helped many clients to launch & grow their businesses and startup  businesses but started different businesses himself too, as well as managing investment projects.     Seminar Title (max 10 words): Accountancy – Revolutionised  Short Description of Seminar (max 70 words, no bullet points or lists): Until Steve Jobs brought the existing technology together and designed the iPhone, we all believed that  Nokia was the pinnacle of phone technology. However, by producing the iPhone, Mr Jobs didn’t just.  surpass Nokia and other tech companies but taught us a valuable lesson. Even for a business at the forefront  of technological innovation, there will always be room for more, and there will always be

Business & Legal

  Business & Legal is a group of companies focusing to create added value for businesses. We're a one-stop shop for business with ambition and desire for growth. We’ve worked with many businesses both locally and globally and tailored solutions for them. Our team includes experts in accountancy, legal and finance sector and we’re ready to help you develop and grow your business. From day-to-day accountancy services to most challenging tax issues, from starting up a business to mergers and international trade... We’ve got the experience to give your organization a boost. Business & Legal A C C O U N T I N G   -   L E G A L  -   I N V E S T M E N T S  FRANCHISING   -   C O N S U L T A N C Y    -    TRAINING helping good businesses to become great businesses 020 8080 0818  Address: 8 Devonshire Squire, London, EC2M 4YJ

You will never walk alone

Of course you should never walk alone, as long as you are a Liverpool fan. Every young person difficulty of running their own businesses, if that day comes one day of course. Starting a business it's a difficult decision in everyone's life, how long let alone being a young entreprenturn off any scale of a business close stop